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Laughable "Douglass Report" Attempts to Debunk Global Warming

You've probably seen the Google ads lately with the claim that global warming is a myth. They all lead back to "The Douglass Report, Real Health News from Medicine's Most Notorious Myth-Buster." The self proclaimed know-it-all boasts that there is no reason to stay up at night worrying about your carbon footprint, and that "global warming flunkies" are just trying to take your money.

Green Groove would like to take a moment to warn against the good Dr. Douglass. That's right, it appears he is the one who appears to be after your money. In fact, his latest research update criticizing global warming scientists actually had this to say, "Just enter your e-mail address in the box below to get your free report. You will also get a FREE subscription to my Daily Dose, an e-letter written by yours truly that has all of the up-to-date health news and breakthrough solutions you need to look and feel great." I'm sure those solutions come real cheap.

The effects of pumping massive amounts of C02 into the atmosphere may, or may not, be hurting the planet, but think for a moment how much better life can be when living it green. Pretty soon we'll be out of oil, and have to find new (why not cleaner) modes of transportation. Soon, we'll be forced to recycle as there will be no place left to keep stacking our leftovers. Living green is just smart. It is unfortunate that we have educated doctors out there who are actually saying to stop worrying about your carbon footprint. Laughable, but still dangerous.

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#1 Terry McDonald on 2009-01-21 18:12
I certainly wish ya'all would grow up and actually study the real research scientists rather than just following the same liberal line over and over. Talk about BLIND faith. If you really think that a socialist government (and society) are good ideas thy looking at history in depth. Ever since the Mayflower Compact the concept of socialism, call it's proponents, green, animal rights wackos, or whatever other banner ya'all hide under, socialism is a complete and utter failure!! LOOK historically and you will not be able to find fault with my (hardly just mine) conclusions. Global warming is a complete , utter , dishonest, fallacy!!!! PROVE me wrong.......good luck!
Peace thru superior firepower,
#1.1 DB (Homepage) on 2009-01-28 16:06
Terry, is "peace thru superior firepower" what the US govt used to kill 100k people in Iraq? I think I'll take a pass on that and just stick with intelligence and common sense ;-)
#2 Nate on 2009-01-28 10:02
This is not a particularly good post. I came to this post via Google in an attempt to find out more about the Douglass Report (in particular, its likely abundant fallacies) without actually subscribing to the newsletter. But this post itself shows no evidence of the poster doing anymore than I did - that is, see the introduction screen and then not wishing to actually submit an email address. The poster then claims Douglass is a money grubbing wonk without having (or at least giving) any actual proof. I have no doubt that the proof is there in the newsletters and "Report,' but the pure speculation of this post is in no way helpful or revealing. It might as well be titled 'Snarky, Speculative Post Attempts to Debunk Laughable 'Douglass Report' Attempt to Debunk Global Warming.' Moving on...
#2.1 DB (Homepage) on 2009-01-28 17:30
If you are trying to find more information on the Douglass Report, I'd try using a professional publication database at a library, or the like. If you are seeking out scientific data on Google, and clicking on the first couple results in the list, then you probably got what you deserved. The Green Groove Unite blog is an open forum where, like any blog, opinions are expressed. It is in the expressed opinion that Green Groove happens to believe global warming exists and offer assistance for anyone seeking to do something about it. We are not scientists, just people who care about Earth. The point of the post was not to argue that Douglass is wrong, it is to laugh at the notion that people out there still insist that global warming is a sham. No argument is made in the post because it simply does not merit one. Days before coming upon the report I was starting to feel comfortable in knowing that society was making progress in coming to terms with the notion that our actions are detrimental to our planet. However, when I read such reports that indicate "global warming flunkies" are just trying to take your money, it can only make me laugh in knowing that such ignorant people out there think they still have a leg to stand on. For Green Groove to take the data from the Douglass Report and compare it to other data is simply saying to them that there is still room for them in the debate. For Green Groove, that debate is over. As a planet, we are far past the time for debate, and that is why making a change for the greener is even more important. For anyone out there who is still looking for more information to confirm global warming, just relax for a minute. It doesn't even matter. Forget, for a moment, Dr. Douglass and Al Gore. Living green is smart, plain and simple. We as a planet can no longer keep piling up our trash outside of town, we can't keep throwing coal into our plants, we can't keep filling up our tanks (even Douglass would probably agree there is a limited amount of oil), and we can't keep ignoring this any longer. How would you feel about "green living" if you had to pile up your garbage bags in your backyard? You'd probably do things to cut back over time, cause you'd run out of space and it would stink. That is the same thing that is going to happen with our landfills. How would you like to pay your electricity bill if you turned on all your lights and appliances and kept them on permanently? Probably be a pretty hefty bill. You may even need to get a more fuel efficient car so you could afford to drive to your second job ;-) Would Douglass then call you a "global warming flunkie" for trying to save a few bucks and make a cleaner place for you and your children? So to reiterate, maybe look in a scientific publication database for more info on the Douglass Report. However, I wouldn't expect to find it next to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, but maybe next to Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken Recipe. If my old college professors found out I'd googled a "professional" report, rather than spend a few hours in the library, they'd have skinned me.
#2.2 DB (Homepage) on 2009-01-28 17:41
This post was made to our "Humor" section. It lives right there next to Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin on SNL, and that is where it will stay.
#2.3 PeterTW on 2009-02-17 21:55
What is the big deal with googling for more information? If you are going to use the web, be prepared to read people's opinions. Regardless of if you find the info you were looking for it would be wise to look elsewhere. In journalism there is a saying -use multiple sources. My favorite part of the paper is the editorials. People aren't robots and spew nothing but facts. It's nice to see a website take a stance on something, put some emotion into and not let down.
#3 Nate on 2009-01-29 13:09
I appreciate the thoughtful reply. It is reasoned, if passionate, discourse. You state your biases and avoid the name calling. And most importantly, I think it gets to the crux of the matter: living sustainably is smart and responsible. The original post was more or less the opposite. Yes, this is an opinion blog and yes you even posted it in the humor section, but you are still arguing against Douglass whether you realize it or not. The first sentence of the second paragraph reads directly: "Green Groove would like to take a moment to warn against the good Dr. Douglass." As soon as you warn against him, you're arguing against him. You then imply he's only after money without presenting any evidence beyond 'his newsletters probably offer expensive procedures' which is speculation. There's also all kinds of ad hominem attacks which come off as immature.

Why does it matter? After all, this is a blog and the post is in the HUMOR section. Maybe in the grand scheme of things it doesn't. But if I randomly found this post via google (it's number 3 if you type Douglass Report global warming), isn't it possible (nay, likely) others will to? Especially those who want to know more about the Douglass Report and aren't sure if what he says is valid? The Internet is what many people rely on for their information. Heck, I do have access to professional databases and I came here first, would a lay person even think to find a professional journal? (Which, incidentally, would never have anything on the Douglass Report because it is so unaccepted by the scientific community... or as conspiracy theorists would tell you 'damaging to the liberal agenda') There is a lot of ignorance and mis-information out there, and even though there is a lot of evidence for global warming, most people don't understand it or are never told it. Instead they are led to believe things like the Earth is 6000 years old, or you can lose 50 lbs in a month. And when they look for our side of the story - some evidence that people who say global warming is a hoax are crackpots - all they find are insults against said crackpots, and high-minded aloofness. That's a huge turnoff. One side claims they have evidence (even if they don't), while the other side mocks them. Who would a neutral observer, who knows nothing of global warming, be more likely to believe? You might think global warming is undeniable, but that's not going to stop people from denying it anyway, or more likely, not knowing what to think. And again, this is just one post but on the other hand it's just one plastic bottle... why should I recycle it? Just like we should live responsibly on the Earth, so should we talk responsibly about it. Which - now that I've glanced at the rest of the site - many of the other posts achieve.

Also, you're old college professors are stuck in the past. Google Scholar is where it's at. :-P
#4 planet51 on 2009-02-15 13:37
There was a few weeks where all I saw were those crazy ads. Since you mentioned SNL, I thought I'd point out this hilarious clip ( I think W and Douglass have same viewpoint ;-)
#5 P50 on 2009-02-18 17:43
From another reputable source: WIKIPEDIA (yea!)

While a 2007 study by David Douglass and colleagues found that the models did not accurately predict observed changes in the tropical troposphere, [82] a 2008 paper published by a 17-member team led by Ben Santer noted errors in the Douglass study, and found instead that the models and observations were not statistically different.[83]
#5.1 DB (Homepage) on 2009-02-19 15:38
"From another reputable source: WIKIPEDIA (yea!)"

- I just typed up that paragraph yesterday. I kid, I kid.

So are you saying that I should not find the results of the Douglass report funny because they have since been proven to be statistically indifferent than those of (non-skeptic) scientists?

Regardless of how the actual results compare, I still find it amusing that Douglass claims "global warming flunkies" are wasting their time trying to lower their carbon footprint. That's my main beef.
#6 Joe on 2009-06-26 21:10
Why even debate the validity of research done by Douglass? He is a medical doctor (a poor one at that), and not a climatologist. I simply hope that as few people as possible buy into the misinformation he spreads.
#6.1 heidi on 2010-02-11 07:18
I am not convinced that global warming is real..however I believe that we need to be responsible and lead a clean green as we can. I certainly DO NOT believe that the governent, who are supposed to be serving us, have any place in mandating what we do with our food, trash, heating, vitamins, herbs etc. We are a free nation and that is what we will stay...

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